Monday, June 9, 2008

Thing #4: Big sigh of relief. Just added an avatar (who thinks up this stuff?!) and it actually was kind of fun but still stressful. I registered (hopefully) with the kickball captain? This is all so very weird. There are several friends out there who would be shocked and amazed that I've made it this far all by myself! I know I am!!
Thing #2: I am on a learning curve that goes straight up to the sky. I hope I can do all of this. It's like learning a foreign language while speaking it at the same time. As for the seven and a half habits I guess I did not really thing about some things I do naturally as lifelong learning. To me it's just stuff that I do. So I guess I am involved in more lifelong learning than I had realized. I'm not sure why play does not warrant a full count. How odd really since it is often in play that the greatest of ideas come to mind.